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My name is Stephanie Lisa Joyce and this is The Rolling Pin

I am a food blogger and I have been a food caterer since 2013. I have mountains of experience when it comes to planning the food side of events. I know what kinds of foods will make your event stand out, and I have loads of recipes that I cannot wait to share with you to try at home so that everyday smells like a restaurant in your home. I love drinking coffee with friends, playing board games, being out in the fresh air, doing creative things and cooking delicious food for my husband, family and friends.

The Rolling Pin is a food blog designed to either spur your passion for tasty food on, or it will spark a passion in you to want to create new and delicious foods. I will be sharing delicious recipes and methods that will help you to love cooking delicious meals for your family during the week, and I will be uploading photo’s of foods that will get your taste buds going.

The Rolling Pin is on Facebook so please come and say hello, I would love to connect with you!