The Rolling Pin was a catering catering company that has transitioned into a food blog. We have catered for many different functions and I would like these functions to be remembered. I want people to be able to know where the Rolling Pin has come from, and to see the gorgeous foods that people got to eat and the wonderful events that we got to cater for. What a wonderful season this was!




These photo’s should wet your appetite! They are amazing, you can taste the food from looking at the photo’s, which were taken by my collegue Bevin Blight! This was Cornerstone Institute’s graduation ceremony. We catered finger foods, both sweet and savory for 340 guests. This was our biggest cater that we have done, but it was still phenomenal! I am very proud of my team.


This was a fun day of celebrating a wonderful man who had so many friends and family come and join in on his special day. We catered finger food items, for about 50 people.


We catered for a gorgeous wedding reception. We did the plated canapes’ , starters (parmesan and butternut soup); and the mains (beef and chicken; roast potatoes; various salads; roast vegetables; with two types of gravies to accompany). There were 80 guests at the reception.


We catered a farewell/celebration function that Cornerstone Institute was hosting for two of their staff members who have sadly left, and celebrating one of the staff members who got married. I am always honoured and excited when I get asked to cater someone’s special event. Each event we cater for is unique and is always a new experience. There were about 25 staff members present, and there was a lovely spread of both savory and sweet foods. It was a great send off and celebration all round!

Please look at some of the pictures taken at the event, and if you would like to see more of what The Rolling Pin does then please have a look at our facebook page for more photo’s of food we have made and functions that we have catered for:


We got to celebrate in style this weekend as we catered a fun picnic out in Stellenbosch, alongside Kelly Jane Hartmann from Lovely Pretty. The lawn was covered in blankets, picnic baskets scattered around, and lawn games set out to play. There was 5 tables of food to choose from including things like cocktail savory and sweet tartlets, very cute Italian Pressed rolls, vanilla, chocolate and red velvet cupcakes, dark chocolate buttercream 2 tiered cake, a cookie and sweets bar, a cheese and fruit board, heart-shaped watermelon pieces as well as ice tea and water to cool themselves down with. Gorgeous day all round!


This was the Louie Group Business Academy’s  Graduation ceremony tea. We catered finger foods, both sweet and savory for 250 guests. I am very proud of my team.


Sometimes, client’s and don’t need the setting up side and running the event side of catering, but they just need the food. Kirstenhof Primary School had their parent-teacher meeting, and I dropped off Lasagna, salad and dessert for 32. I went to Kirstenhof when I was still at school so I enjoyed going back to a once very familiar environment.


I make frozen meals upon order, here are some photos of just a few of them.


We LOVE it when we get asked to cater for camps. We have catered for women’s camps, school camps, as well as holiday clubs. Unfortunately we do not have too many photo’s of these times. But will add to our photos when we get more. We love being able to change the assumption that camp food is “gross”! It does not need to be. Camps are your ‘home away from home’, and so it needs be filled with warmth, love and security. The photos are never as glamorous for a camp because its more about bulk home cooking than “beautiful” food. The food is always yummy!


One of the lecturers at Cornerstone Institute was leaving and the staff honoured him at his farewell function. The Rolling Pin did the catering.

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