Eating breakfast, lunch and dinner is a good idea to make sure that you are getting  the correct nutrients into your body so that you can function at your best everyday. It is quite a popular theme these days for people to skip breakfast and/or lunch and then compensate for it by eating a massive dinner, sometimes really late at night too, with extra unrefined carbs because you so ravished by the time you get to dinner time. The pull to fill up with sweets and chips is even greater in these situations because lets be honest skipping meals makes you hangry (hungry + angry).

In this post I am going to be giving some ideas of some things to eat for lunch, that are high in protein, good fats and refined carbs, giving you the energy you need to get through the afternoon, but also keeping you full until it is time for dinner.

Let’s be honest, everyone’s lives are very busy, and getting busier. As important as food is to be able function, people want tasty food with minimal effort, that they can be eaten on the run. This sounds a lot like one thing: take out, and already prepared shop foods. Shops are making a killing on the amount of food that people buy on a daily basis. This is a convenient way to eat, but this route is SO much more expensive than taking a few minutes to prepare your own lunch before leaving home in the morning (or why not prepare it the evening before to give you an extra 10 minutes in bed). It is not difficult to be able to eat food from home, it just takes a bit of thought about what you want to eat for lunch that week and making sure that you buy those ingredients, and that is 80% of the work done already.

Lunch ideas: 

Leftovers: One of the quickest and yummiest lunches is to have last night’s dinner for lunch. It requires making a bit extra the night before, but all that’s required for lunch prep is to dish it up into your lunch box. It’s that simple! Some popular leftover lunch meals for in our home are: chicken curry and rice; egg fried rice; and roast chicken peices and mixed vegetables; hamburger patties with vegetables, salad and/or steamed sweet potato; and chicken or beef stir fry.

Chicken curry with rice and cilantro on white plate close up horizontalQuiche and Salad: Who does not enjoy a slice of rich pastry. Our favourite flavour is bacon and cheese. Spend 5 minutes in the morning chopping up a green salad to pair it with. We not big salad lovers so we just use some basic greens to make up a salad – cucumber, carrots, apple, lettuce, cranberries. The internet is full of amazing recipes for salads, you can go wild.


Salad: These days, there are hundreds of different kinds of salads, so if you are someone who needs variety to stay interested then skies the limit. A salad is a great way to get those greens and nutrients into your system and it always leaves you feeling fresh and healthy on the inside and outside! Some common examples of tasty salads are: green, greek, chicken, waldorf, tuna, egg, and three-bean etcetera. If you are only eating a salad for lunch then make sure it has some kind of protein in it; or pair it with a smoothie.


Toast and: I did not specifically give a topping for the toast because there are many options of foods to put onto your toast. But this is a quick, simple and yummy lunch option. Some options we enjoy are: tuna mayo; chicken mayo; ham and cheese; smashed avocado. Try and use a wholewheat or brown bread as it is healthier.


Wraps: Everyone loves wraps! They filling, and you can use last nights dinner in it. Some tasty wrap fillings are: mince and cheese; mayo, lettuce and a chicken snitchel; chicken fillet pieces, tomato, lettuce, barbecue sauce; and roasted butternut, feta, lettuce and sprouts are delicious. If the ingredients are prepared it shouldn’t take you more than 10 minutes to put them together. Try and buy the wholewheat wraps because they are healthier for you.


Soup: We do not always have the time to make soup, so we buy 2 ready prepared soups from Tesco, but Pick n Pay and Woolworths would have the equivalent. We put them into the fridge for the week and one of the mornings we will just have soup for lunch. We just pack two pieces of gluten free bread (I am gluten intolerant) into cling wrap and then toast them for lunch, and heat up our soup. No effort at all.


There you have it, some delicious, healthy and simple lunch ideas! Please don’t skip lunch, and try and take the time preparing your own lunch at home to take to work. Another benefit of preparing your own food is that you know what goes into it! Happy preparing, and cheers to healthy eating!

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Written by Stephanie Lisa Joyce

Hello, I am Steph, and I am the owner of The Rolling Pin, a food blog which is designed to inspire YOU to either keep getting creative in the kitchen or to help you to start getting creative in the kitchen.