One of the reasons that Andrew and I came to Ireland was for both of us to get a head start in our careers – we are both working hard at moving forward in the fields that we studied. (IT and Psychology)

Andrew is thriving in his career, and I have had an interesting time (to say the least) making headway into the health field. However, I am making steps forward and that is all that counts. In the mean time before I manage to secure some great working experience for Psychology, I came across a wonderful South African lady who is an amazing business owner, who owns a restaurant as well as a Spar franchise here in Dublin. She has given me the opportunity to work in her restaurant as well as in the deli section of the spar. The job title is basically deli assistant, but i think it should be ‘super-food-making-person’.


I spent the day working in the Deli today and I have a new found respect for the staff in places like Spar, Pick n Pay etc who make food daily in large quantities. I did not serve customers today as it was my first day, but I made up all the fresh sandwiches, wraps and muesli and fruit pots, I then packaged them and popped them in the fridge on the shelf for customers to purchase. It made me so happy when I saw people walking to their cars with muesli pots, sandwiches and wraps – I wanted to say “I made that!”! My dad says that I am destined to always be a caterer – I cannot get away from it. Maybe he’s right. Wherever I go, I find myself coming back to food.

Next time you walk into the shop and order food from a deli, thank the ladies there as they have been making the food since 5:00am, each and everything that you lay your eyes on is more thank likely hand made (even the rolls that you eat). They are the biggest machines ever, who rarely get acknowledged.

It was a fun day and a completely new learning experience being in a commercial kitchen.


I love this quote.

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Written by Stephanie Lisa Joyce

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