When I think of Easter I smile because it is a time that brings family together. In some families they will spend time together reading and reflecting about the Easter story; having easter egg hunts, spreading butter on hot toasted hot cross buns, and laughing together. In all of this have you ever thought about what the significance of the Hot Cross Bun is? What does a spiced cake have to do with Easter?

Most people nowadays associate “Hot Cross Buns” with Good Friday and Easter. The Christian Tradition believes that they were originally made by monks from Dough that had been consecrated for Mass to represent Christ’s body. The cross represented the “day of the cross” which was the way they referred to Good Friday at the time. It represented the day that Christ died on the cross for our sins. The best news though is that Christ did not remain dead, He was raised to new life and resurrected – this is what we celebrate on Easter. New life in Christ.

Have a blessed time with your family and friends this Easter time and when you are feasting into a hot cross bun, remember the meaning behind it.

Love Steph x

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Written by Stephanie Lisa Joyce

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