Meet the team

Meet the Rolling Pin Team

Who or what is the Rolling Pin? 

By now hopefully The Rolling Pin is a name that is starting to stick in people's minds, and is not just a passing thought when they scan through their Facebook page perhaps.

We are still relatively new, so we thought that it would be great to start the year off chatting more about who 'The Rolling Pin' is, and what it is that we do because this may still be a bit vague to some.

The Rolling Pin is our catering business, which has currently been running for just over one year now. We are passionate about food, about people who love to blog about food, and about creating food for people who enjoy food. We definitely try to be regularly posting articles that are relevant to where people are at. The heart behind it is to stay up to date, keep people interested with the hope that perhaps we may just get people stepping into the kitchen a little more than they usually do.

Our team consists of 4 wonderful individuals, whom I'd love you to become more familiar with: 


I am a wife to my gorgeous husband; a daughter and a sister to my family; a friend to many, and a self-trained cook from Cape Town. I find joy when I am in the kitchen creating new and old dishes. We do not try and create new creations because so many have already come before us and created great dishes, however my food blog will incorporate a variety of recipes that I recommend because I have either tasted or cooked them myself.

Looking after yourself is a lifestyle and it comes down to being more aware of the food that we put onto our plates, and I am hoping that through my blog posts and recipes you will be able to do just that – find the best YOU.



I work for an IT company and I develop mobile applications. My role within The Rolling Pin is dealing with more of the behind the scenes things like helping Steph out with developing quotes, and with getting the website up and running, for example. I actively support my beautiful wife by helping out with the functions that need more than one pair of hands. When we are not catering, I love to spend time running with friends, spending hours in the sea catching waves, going on adventures with the wife and eating the food that she makes :) 



If you love what you do, then you'll never work a day in your life"   I really love that quote as it sums me up - I am a teacher and find great joy in creating, inspiring and encouraging the children I teach. I am His daughter. Most of my free time is spent taking photographs, sipping tea and I enjoy creating photo journals. I simply love all things pretty and as a little girl I loved to bake. Hello!



I am a creative and outgoing person who loves experimenting in the kitchen during my free time. When I am not busy with my business as a Massage Therapist, I enjoy cooking and baking. It is a way of expressing my creativity when I come up with a new recipe, icing design or even different flavours!

Besides enjoying cooking, I also love to be outdoors either running, hiking or cycling and experiencing nature in one of the most beautiful cities in the world - Cape Town.


“All you need is love. But a little chocolate now and then doesn't hurt.”― Charles M. Schulz