As a family we LOVE to cook! Sometimes just so that we can try a new cuisine, we will turn our whole evening into that cuisine, hence the title GREEK EVENING. One day Andrew sent me a link to an authentic Greek guy called Akis Petretzikis (His name is SO Greek! He’s the real deal guys…) who was showing us how to make Greek Souvlaki Kebabs, and Andrew said: “PLEASE can we make this!!!” We obviously can’t turn something so amazing down, so we decided to make the Greek Souvlaki KebabsGreek Tzatziki sauce; and authentic Greek Pita bread! Enjoy the links!


I picked up so many amazing tips on how to add so much flavour to the food. Greek food has moved to some of the best food I have tasted and as a family we will definitely be making this again! It was so much fun trying out a new cuisine that trying new cuisine’s might become a new tradition.

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Written by Stephanie Lisa Joyce

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