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A traditional South African dish: BOBOTIE

  WHAT IS BOBOTIE? Bobotie is a delightful South African dish that is filled with beef mince, spices and aromatics with an egg topping. It is a favourite in most South African homes, and it is traditionally served with a side of yellow rice with raisins in it.   WHY IS IT A TRADITIONAL DISH? Read More

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Baking problem tip 2: How to line your springform cake tin with parchment paper

In just about every baking recipe the first or second line speaks about lining your baking tin with parchment paper (mainly when it comes to baking a cake). What does lining a cake tin with parchment paper (baking paper) actually mean? For years I’ve never bothered to find out what this means, so I would Read More

Banting Series: what is Banting?

This week we are chatting all about Banting. What is it? Is it healthy to be eating fats and proteins? What are we designed to eat? Banting merely discovered what human beings were designed to eat: what early humans ate 200,000 years ago. Respected biologists, geneticists, paleoanthropologists and theorists believe that human genes have hardly Read More