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South Africa’s Hottest Food trends for 2016

  Top Trends for 2016: 1. Organic Growth for Clear Label: ‘Clear label’ established itself as a key trend in 2015, with greater transparency and the focus on simpler products with fewer artificial additives taking the concept to the next level – there is a greater desire for pure foods and less gross chemicals! 2. Free-From… Read more »

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These chocolate chip pancakes make a perfect light and healthy breakfast and are packed with extra protein from the greek yogurt! The full recipe will make about 14 pancakes, but you can easily half the recipe to make enough for two people.  Enjoy! Serves: 4 Prep time: 10 mins Cook time: 20 mins Total time: 30 mins INGREDIENTS 2… Read more »

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Dark chocolate Almond Clusters

I love a quick and easy dessert that does not require any baking. These clusters are so rich and dark that just one is satisfying enough! Makes: 12 Prep time: 12 minutes, plus 30 minutes refrigeration time Ingredients 1x dark chocolate slab, chopped 2 teaspoon coconut oil/olive oil/palm shortening 2 tablespoon maple syrup/honey 1/2 teaspoon… Read more »

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Grain-Free Raw Brownie Bites

Chocolate cravings. They always find a way into your head. There’s just nothing quite like the taste of chocolate. This recipe is so simple, and it takes under 20 minutes to make. You simply blend everything together, and then roll the ‘dough’ into bite-size brownie balls. This recipe usually makes about 8 medium-sized brownie bites, but you can… Read more »

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The Hottest 2015 dessert tip: ‘MINI’

Big or small food? mini mini mini mini mini mini mini mini mini mini mini mini mini mini… It is known that a large part of throwing a great party is having a spread of YUMMY food that will ensure your friends are happy and smiling throughout your special day. This blog post is going to look at… Read more »

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Juice #1: The Rehydrater

Juice #1: The Rehydrater Ingredients:  1 cucumber 4 celery stalks 2 small granny smith apples 1/2 lemon Method: In a single gear juicer, add all of the ingredients together and blitz! Add more or less of each ingredient to your own taste and enjoy! Some facts about the ingredients: This is a juice recipe that… Read more »

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Homemade beef burger patties

  Ingredients 500g lean beef mince 1 t Dijon mustard 2 garlic cloves, crushed ½ chilli, de-seeded and finely chopped handful fresh parsley, finely chopped 1 t thyme leaves 1 t salt ½ t pepper 1 egg   Instructions 1. To make your own homemade burger patties, combine all the above ingredients together and mix well…. Read more »

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2015 Wedding food Trends

Beef or chicken? How about neither! Aside from your sweet vows, your wedding food will likely be the second most-talked-about part of your day once all the celebrations are said and done. Part of throwing a great party is having an impressive spread of food and drinks that will delight your guests and keep them… Read more »

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Paleo Series: What is the Paleo diet about?

This week we have been speaking all about the lifestyle of Paleo. This blogpost contains a lot of the research you need to know about it. I would encourage you to spend the time reading it if you are interested in the diet. If you are not interested I would still encourage you to read it… Read more »